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Baby Champions (6 months to Walking) - In this 30 minute class, your baby will enjoy a new world of exploration, curiosity, and joy.  Providing a stress free environment for both parent and baby to begin moving during this critical developmental stage.  In this quality time, we strive to offer parents not only an educational atmosphere to make unforgettable memories, but also a time to meet other parents and children.  All activities are specifically tendered to their appropriate developmental age.

Waddlers 1 (Walking – 2.5 yrs) - During this time of discovery, your child will develop gross motor function, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination in a fun, positive environment. Waddlers will learn basic positions, rolls, jumps and more. We offer child sized equipment to provide ease of use and confidence for our itty bitty kids.. In addition to the development of fine and gross motor skills, this is a fun way for your little one to interact both with you and other Waddlers! Waddlers get their “wiggles” out during the first few minutes, then it’s circle time to move and stretch together. Next everyone works through an obstacle course including trampoline, bars, beam and ending with games and parachute!

Waddlers 2 ( 2.5-3.5 yrs) - Champions Waddlers II is all the fun of Waddlers I, with a little more structure as we incorporate more gymnastics skills. With help from their parent or grown-up, children will learn to stay with their group and use their “listening ears”. This is all in preparation for Tikes, where they will participate in tumbling all by their big-kid selves!

Tikes (Gymnastics 3.5-5.5 yrs) - “I’m a big kid now!”  Chidren will begin to develop more of an understanding of gymnastics terminology and skill.  This 45 minute class works on all of the preschool FUNdamentals: bars, beam, floor, and beginner vault and trampoline progressions!   If your child is either hesitant or new to gymnastics and is not yet 4, we recommend trying Waddlers II before Tikes.

Preschool Parkour (4-5 yrs) - Build confidence and foundational skills while having a lot of fun getting out a lot of energy!. The high-energy classes teach movement in conjunction with self-regulation, coordination and safety.

Boys Tikes Gymnastics  (3.5-5.5  yrs) - Build confidence, strength, determination and foundational gymnastics skills in this beginner boys class.

Preschool Tumbling (4-5 yrs) - Introduction to tumbling with our youngest tumblers!

Cheer Tikes (3.5-5.5 yrs) - Cheer + Gymnastics for a fun introduction to cheer for little girls!

Mini Mites (Advanced 3-4 yrs) - Invitational Class

Mighty Mites (Accelerated  4-6  yrs) - Invitational Class – 2x per week.

Preschool Open Play (6 months to 6 yrs) - Fridays 1:30-2:30pm - $7/child per visit – This PLAYgroup is for moms and kids alike to participate together in a fun zone without instruction. *No additional fee. Must have paid 2017-2018 Champions TX Fee. This does not count towards sibling discount.* If you’re in the GymKids Klub, you can attend POP for free!!!  (To join the GymKids Klub, just be currently registered in a Baby Champions, Waddlers, Tikes, or other Preschool Level Class!)

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Beginner Gymnastics (5-9 yrs) - The perfect class for a child working basic gymnastics skills like rolls, cartwheels, handstands, backbends, and kickovers! Your child will rotate through four stations including tumbling on the floor and trampoline, vault, bars, and balance beam, mastering the basics of gymnastics and learn exciting new skills.

Intermediate Gymnastics (7-10 yrs) - The perfect class for a child who is working gymnastics skills like backhandsprings on floor and mill circles on bars! Rotates through floor, vault, bars, balance beam, and trampoline. Your champion will continue to master the fundamentals of gymnastics, learn new and exciting skills, and learn technique of leaps and turns!

Advanced Gymnastics - Open to athletes on ChampionsTX Exhibition Teams (below) as a 2nd or 3rd day a week of workout.  This workout focuses on form while learning USAG XCEL routines on each event.  Fees for possible events may occur as options/needed over the year.

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Exhibition Teams  ChampionsTX is proud to be one of the few gyms is Central Texas to offer a true exhibition team program. These are for athletes who love gymnastics, desire more advanced skills and longer workouts, want to perform in front of audiences, and are willing and able to commit to a team and a schedule that will allow each team to look their very best when they perform and hold team bonds. These Exhibition Teams provide girls with opportunity to showcase skills in a different, fun, exciting way. Each team is built with age, ability, and friends in mind.  Show Teams are also a fraction of the financial and time commitment of competitive teams.  Aside from Team Parties, goal challenges, and optional performances throughout the year,, at the end of the season, they also all have a Recital & Trophy Celebration to show off both individual and group routines.  Email for more information.  **All team members also pay the $35 ChampionsTX Annual Registration Fee upon sign-up.

Hot Shots Team (5-6 years)

Prep Team (6-7 years)

Performance Team (7-10 years)

Team Elite (7-10 years)

Team Extreme (10-13 years)

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Boys Gymnastics 1 (5-8 yrs) - This beginner boys gymnastics class builds strength, determination and coordination on foundational equipment of bars, pommel, the mushroom, rings, tumbling and trampoline.

Boys Gymnastics 2 (7-10 yrs) - This class is perfect for boys who have completed 1-2 years in the Boys Gymnastics 1 course, have a solid handstand, and are ready to train higher level skills.  There is a possible competitive option for these boys when they are ready for level 3.  Boys who are interested in taking more than one day a week are encouraged to take the boys gymnastics class, plus a tumbling and trampoline class.

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Boys Parkour I (5-8 yrs / 8-12 yrs) - Build a strong foundation of functional movement skills in his high-energy class full of obstacles, climbing, free running, tumbling and trampoline work.. Our goal is to build the strength, speed, endurance, coordination, balance, and full body awareness necessary to become a Parkour athlete.

Boys Parkour II (7-14 yrs) - Be challenged with a greater variety of movements and tasked with harder variations and bigger obstacles.

Parkour III (11-19 yrs)

Supergirls (Girls Parkour 6-12 yrs)

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BEGINNER TUMBLING: This class is perfect for anyone interested in tumbling! Athletes will work on the basics of tumbling. Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, bridges, backbends and kickovers! No experience required.

TUMBLE 1: Once you have learned your backbend kickover, cartwheel and roundoff, you are ready for Tumble 1! Athletes will work on back walkover, front walkover, back extension rolls and perfecting your round off. Once you have your back walkover and a solid round off, it is time to move to Tumble 2!

TUMBLE 2: A back walkover and strong round off are required for this class. Athletes will start working on standing and running back handsprings. Other skills that will be taught are bounders and front handsprings.

SERIES: Once your athlete has mastered their standing back handspring and round off back handspring, it is time to connect! Series class will work on combination passes as well as multiple back handsprings. Aerials, punch fronts, back handspring step outs will be introduced as well.

TUCKS: Running three back handsprings (Standing and Running) are required for our Tucks class. They will work on standing and running back tucks.

School Cheer Prep - We will help you get fully prepared in all areas of a traditional cheer try-out! This includes motion memorization and technique,  dance, jumps, game day appearance, and game day material like cheers, chants, and stunts. After you learn your try-out material, we will help clean it up and hold mock try-outs during class to prepare you for the real thing!  **You are encouraged to sign-up for a Tumbling class in addition to this class to ensure your tumbling level is ready for tryouts.

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Our amazing cheer staff is used all over Austin for improving and running successful cheer programs!
Services We Offer:
– Coaching to Increase Your Squads Skill Level (Full-Year, Half-Year, or As-Needed)
– Try-Out Choreograhy
– Judging
– Organization of Squads
– Game Day Chants & Cheers
– Pep Rally Routines
– Competitive Material Clean-Up
– Competitive Material Choreography
– In-House Tumbling Classes
– In-House Cheer Classes
– Skills Camps
– Fundraisers

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CTX Adult Fitness

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Private Lessons

Private lesson fees vary per coach.  Annual membership and monthly membership enrollments are required before an athlete can participate in private lessons.

Annual Gym Membership Fee:  $35
Monthly Private Lesson Membership Fee:  $10
*Once you are enrolled in a class or team, monthly membership fee will automatically adjust to $0.

If you are not currently enrolled at ChampionsTX, please visit to create your account, complete the online waiver, and process payment for the fees above.  All payments must go through your online ChampionsTX iClassPro account.  Private lessons must be cancelled via email to your coach within 48 hours for a refund.

Please contact coaches directly to schedule private lessons.   All of the coaches are GREAT, but as they all have different personalities and coaching styles, your athlete may be drawn to one coach more than another.  Feel free to schedule with multiple coaches to see if it’s a “match.”  When you find a coach who is compatible with your athlete and whose time slots match your schedule, you can request to make it a recurring lesson.

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Why choose ChampionsTX Lake Travis?  We are community driven and a part of the neighborhood!  We have many families who travel to us for our atmosphere and class quality, and become a part of our ChampionsTX family! UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES TO PERFECT YOUR SKILLS IN OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART 24,000 SQ. FEET LAKE TRAVIS FACILITY!

  • 24,000 Sq. Feet + Outdoor Space
  • 30′ Ceiling Height in the Tumbling and Cheer Gym; 23′ Ceiling Height in the Gymnastics Gym
  • Temperature Controlled (Heat and A/C)
  • 54′ x 42′ Spring Cheer Floor
  • 54′ x 42′ Dead Mat Cheer Floor
  • 42′ x 42′ Spring Gymnastics Floor
  • 24′ x 24′ Tumbling Warm-Up Area
  • 108′ Full Rod Floor into Pit
  • Full Double Mini Runway
  • 54′ x 12′ Spring Floor Tumbling Strip
  • Three In-Ground Euro / Rectangle Trampolines
  • 20′, 30′, and 50′ Tumble Track Trampolines in Tumbling Gym
  • 40′ Tumbling Trampoline in Gymnastics Gym
  • 10′ Trampoline with Mini Pit for GymKids
  • 2,500 sq. feet GymKids Separate Area for 0-5 Year Old Gymnastics
  • 600 square feet of Foam Pit
  • Parkour Zone
  • Bars, Beam, and Vault Training Circuits
  • Three Parent Viewing Areas
  • Outlets and Work Tables
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Athlete Waiting Area with Cubbies & Homework Tables
  • Kid’s Play Area equipped with drawing tables, paper and crayons, train sets, books, and games.
  • Healthy Snack Options
  • Pro Shop Boutique offering quality gymnastics, cheer, tumbling, and parkour clothing, gear, and accessories.
  • A bulletin board of neighborhood activities and business flyers.
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Garden
  • We work endlessly to create schedules that work for your family!  Give us your feedback by emailing  more classes offered at the same time.
  • Options for the whole family:  toddlers through teenagers at the same time.  Options for brothers who don’t want gymnastics.  Options for parents to exercise during class.  Options to do other convenient things:  wifi, cafe, charging stations, etc.

Location 2105 RR 620 South, Lakeway, TX 78734 Behind Valero & Chicken Express Phone: (512) 970-8838


Located in the upstairs of the
West Austin Youth Association
1314 Exposition Blvd
Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 628-1788

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2105 RR 620 South
Lakeway, TX 78734
Behind Valero & Chicken Express
Next to Randalls / Across from HEB
Phone: (512) 970-8838

Mailing Address:
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Lakeway, TX 78734