Tumbling 101

Power Tumbling and Cheer Prep

Team Extreme / Middle School Tumbling (2 Nights / Week for Middle Schoolers)

Tumbling Beginner to Intermediate

Tumbling class focusing on learning backwalkovers all the way through to backhandsprings!

Excellent for beginners who have not yet mastered backwalkovers but have great progress with their backbend kickovers!

Beginner Tumbling (K-5th)

Beginner Tumbling: The fundamentals: cartwheels, backbends, round-offs, front-walkovers, and back-walkovers!

Beginner Tumbling (5th-12th)

Beginner Tumbling class focusing on learning and perfecting backhandsprings!

Excellent for students who are completing mastering their backwalkovers and are ready to learn backhandsprings and perfect them! Also excellent for students who have their backhandspring but need to clean it up and add multiple backhandsprings! Both running and standing tumbling instruction.

Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate Tumbling: standing backhandsprings, round-off backhandsprings, multiple backhandsprings, standing back tucks, punch fronts, round-off tucks, and backhandspring tucks.

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