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Class Descriptions

Baby Champions (6 months to Walking) - In this 30 minute class, your baby will enjoy a new world of exploration, curiosity, and joy.  Providing a stress free environment for both parent and baby to begin moving during this critical developmental stage.  In this quality time, we strive to offer parents not only an educational atmosphere to make unforgettable memories, but also a time to meet other parents and children.  All activities are specifically tendered to their appropriate developmental age.

WADDLERS – 1-3 Year Olds – $75/Month – During this time of discovery, your child will develop gross motor function, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination in a fun, positive environment. Waddlers will learn basic positions, rolls, jumps and more. These little waddlers will be well on their way in the world of gymnastics and tumbling with this beginners class! This class will provide parents with instruction on how to engage their children in basic gymnastics skills designed to enhance your child’s motor, listening and social skills through fun gymnastics oriented activities. We offer child size equipment to provide ease of use and confidence for our itty bitty kids. The children will learn valuable social skills, independence, and how to take turns which will improve developing attention spans. The gymnastics instruction will be age appropriate and assist the children in hand-eye coordination as well as flexibility and strength. In addition to the development of fine and gross motor skills, this is a fun way for your little one to interact both with you and your waddler! *Waddlers must be able to walk on their own and an adult is required to accompany each child throughout this 45 minute class. $30 GymKids Waddlers Class Fee which includes a class shirt, end of year award and ceremony, and themed supplies.

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TIKES- 3.5 -5.5 Year olds- $85/Month – Your child’s first “big kid” class using their listening “listening ears” to follow their coaches structured lesson plan! This 45 minute class works on all of the preschool FUNdamentals: bars, beam, floor, and beginner vault and trampoline progressions! $60 Gymkids Tikes Class Fee- Includes class shirt, end of the year recital leotard or shirts and shorts, end of the year trophy and ceremony, themed supplies, and MySkillsChart subscription.

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POP! Preschool Open Play!- $10/child per visit – This PLAYgroup is for moms and kids alike to participate together in a fun zone without instruction. *No additional fee. Must have paid 2017-2018 Champions TX Fee. This does not count towards sibling discount.*

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BEGINNER GYMNASTICS- K-5TH- $90/Month- The perfect class for a chilld working basic gymnastics skills like rolls, cartwheels, handstands, backbends, and kickovers! Rotates through floor, vault, bars, beam, and trampoline, learning the FUNdamentals of gymnastics! $60 Gymnastics class fee includes class shirt, end of year recital leotard, end of the year trophy and ceremony, themed supplies, and MySkillsChart subscription.

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INTERMEDIATE GYMNASTICS- K-5TH- $90/Month- The perfect class for a child who is working gymnastics skills like back handsprings on floor and mill circles on bars! Rotates through floor, vault, bars, beam, and trampoline. Your champion will continue to master the fundamentals of gymnastics, learn new and exciting skills, learn technique of leaps and turns. $60 Gymnastics class fee includes class shirt, end of the year recital leotard, end of the year trophy and ceremony, themed supplies, and MySkillsChart subscription.

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MIB’S BOYS GYMNASTICS – K-6th – $90/Month- A super cool, energetic mix of parkour, obstacle courses, tumbling, trampoline, bars and general boys gymnastics.   This class will increase all around coordination, strength, and athleticism! $69 MIB Class Fee Includes workout tank and shorts, sweatband, trophy, end of the year ceremony, supplies, and MySkillsChart subsciption.

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EXHIBITION GYMNASTICS- K-8TH- ChampionsTX is proud to be one of the few gyms in Central Texas to offer a true exhibition team program. These are for athletes who love gymnastics, desire more advanced skills and longer workouts, want to perform in front of audiences, and are willing and able to commit to a team and a schedule that will allow each team to look their very best when they perform and hold team bonds. These Exhibition Teams provide girls with opportunity to showcase skills in a different, fun, exciting way. Each team is built with age, ability, and friends in mind. Show teams are also a fraction of the financial time and commitment of competitive teams. Aside from team parties, goal challenges, and performances, at the end of the year, they will also have a recital & trophy celebration! Teams are invitation only, email waya@championstx.com for more information! Each exhibition team has their own group floor routine that is performed at exhibitions, done to music and are choreographed to include tumbling and gymnastics dance elements. The number of performances increases with the team level, and are a wonderful way to increase your athletes confidence and team spirit! During practices the teams practice these routines and work on all events: floor, vault, beam, and bars.

Hot Shots Team K-1st- $101.50/month $142 Team Fee
Prep Team 1st-2nd- $108.50/month $142 Team Fee
Performance Team 2nd-4th- $155.50/month $147 Team Fee
Tumble Team 4th-5th- $170.00/month $166 Team Fee
Team Extreme 5th-8th- $170.00/month $174 Team Fee

*Exhibition team fee includes team uniform (varies by team), scrunchie, team shirt, team parties, end of year trophy and ceremony, performances , team photos, end of the year video, and MySkillsChart subscription.

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Beginner Tumbling – K-5th ($90/month) The FUNdamentals: cartwheels, backbends, round offs, front wallkovers, and backwalkovers!

Intermediate Tumbling K-5th ($90/month) Standing back-handsprings, round off backhandsprings, multiple back-handsprings, standing back tucks, punch fronts, round off tucks, and back-handspring tucks.

Advanced Tumbling – 6th-12th ($90/month) Is all about high-flying for our 6th-12th graders! $36 Class Fee Includes tumbling program shirt, end-of-year medal, annual tumbling expo, special surprises and MySkillsChart subscription.

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Open Gym - Saturdays 10:30-11:30am Ages 3-10 – $7/time (A parent must be present.)

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Private Lessons

Private lesson fees vary per coach.  Annual membership and monthly membership enrollments are required before an athlete can participate in private lessons.

Annual Gym Membership Fee:  $35
Monthly Private Lesson Membership Fee:  $10
*Once you are enrolled in a class or team, monthly membership fee will automatically adjust to $0.

If you are not currently enrolled at ChampionsTX, please visit ChampionsTX.com/Privates to create your account, complete the online waiver, and process payment for the fees above.  All payments must go through your online ChampionsTX iClassPro account.  Private lessons must be cancelled via email to your coach within 48 hours for a refund.

Please contact coaches directly to schedule private lessons.   All of the coaches are GREAT, but as they all have different personalities and coaching styles, your athlete may be drawn to one coach more than another.  Feel free to schedule with multiple coaches to see if it’s a “match.”  When you find a coach who is compatible with your athlete and whose time slots match your schedule, you can request to make it a recurring lesson.

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Why choose ChampionsTX WAYA?  We are community driven and a part of the neighborhood!  We have many families who travel to us for our atmosphere and class quality, and become a part of our ChampionsTX family!

  • Class options for all ages, and WAYA offers many other sports for the whole family, so that you can try to coordinate practice schedules!
  • 42′ x 42′ Spring Gymnastics Floor
  • 12′ x 42′ Tumbling Warm-Up Area
  • 45′ Tumble Track Trampoline
  • Bars, Beam, and Vault Training Circuits
  • Parent Viewing Area
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Kid’s Play Area equipped with drawing tables, paper and crayons, train sets, books, and games.
  • Vending Machines with Healthy Snack Options
  • Pro Shop Boutique offering quality gymnastics, cheer, tumbling, and parkour clothing, gear, and accessories, along with cool kid gifts, fun educational toys, and fashion and home finds.
  • A bulletin board of neighborhood activities and business flyers.
  • Outdoor Playscape and Picnic Tables Area
  • We work endlessly to create schedules that work for your family!  Give us your feedback by emailing Alison@ChampionsTX.com  more classes offered at the same time.

Located in the upstairs of the West Austin Youth Association
1314 Exposition Blvd, Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 628-1788