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lAbout Champions

At Champions, we love to watch children grow mentally and physically!  Throughout our 21+ years of training kids in gymnastics and cheer, we have helped a whole generation grow up strong.  As kids of all ages (“Baby Champions” through adults) progress through our classes and programs, we see their flexibility, body awareness, confidence, and fitness increase.  We love to give your kids an unfair advantage in life!  Our passion can be easily felt the moment you walk into our gym.   Classes are scheduled for all age groups with your convenience in mind, as we know that it’s only with the support of the parent, that our students truly shine.  Our highly-trained, nationally-certified, genuinely caring and well-rounded staff members work to make sure each Champions’ experience is a fun, successful and rewarding one.
Sample Image “Over our many years of running our community centered business in Austin, we have met many wonderful families and had the pleasure of watching them grow in our program. With gymnastics classes for parents and babies to do together, all the way through training tumblers for collegiate cheer try-outs, many families are raised in our gym. We get to give many kids their first trophy, first experience in front of a crowd, and even first job.  We are truly blessed and thankful that you trust us to make a positive influence in your child’s life.  We’re thrilled you’re interested in joining ChampionsTX and look forward to making a positive impact on your children and family.  We look forward to meeting you soon and adding you to our Champions family!”
-Alison Scott Callaway (CEO, Co-Owner) and Janet Scott (Founder, Co-Owner)

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Our Mission

At ChampionsTX, our mission is to create a safe, fun and nurturing environment where students not only pursue goals and conquer new skills, but build memories, relationships, self-confidence, and develop life skills.  Put more simply, our mission is to build “All Around Champions!”

Reasons to Choose Champions

  • We believe that through great coaches and lots of motivation, getting a great gymnastics or cheer workout and learning new skills can be really fun, exciting, and rewarding!
  • At Champions, we coach the full child, not just the athlete; we coach and inspire young minds to be better friends, improve and work hard, and perform, even when nervous in front of a crowd.
  • We hold extremely high safety standards that begin with a well kept and equipped training center that offers the latest in equipment that is sized for each level, matting and surfaces that promote safe landing and spotting areas. We have the ability to break down skills and use different teaching aides. We stay up to date on training trends, which new inventions in equipment are gimmicks or which ones would benefit our students, and don’t delay in helping our athletes to move forward.
  • We have the best coaches in the area! Our utmost priority is that our staff really, truly care about your child. Depending on the program, some staff have an endless personal background with trophies that could stretch around the world, some only have the personality (with no personal experience) and know how to reach kids so have gone through training programs with us to become great coaches. All of them continue improvement with in-house training in gymnastics technique, training, safety, and spotting, as well as training courses through USA Gymnastics and various cheer agencies to ensure we are equipped with the best training tools to bring out the best in your Champion.  We are constantly training and bringing our staff up a notch; you might even see us training during one of your classes!  Not only are they experienced and highly trained, they are energetic, fun, and love working with kids!
  • We provide quality instruction to kids of all ages and abilities.
  • We offer combo classes so that your kids of different ages, abilities, or genders can attend class at the same time.
  • We have a very well stocked Pro-Shop, full of gymnastics and dance leotards, cheerleading gear, and gift cards. Ask us if you’d like to see something new!
  • Champions offers year-round options so that you can join us almost anytime!
  • We encompass strict USA Gymnastics guidelines for safety, professionalism, and coaching standards. We hold CPR and First Aid training for all of our coaches, as well as regular spotting clinics and coaching seminars.
  • Our gym is cleaner than other gyms! We clean and disinfect our gym regularly, and more often during flu and cold season.
  • At Champions, children learn life skills and lessons, like following through with activities, working hard, being a team player, friendship, following directions and listening skills!  Starting with even our youngest Waddlers, kids will build in their development for colors, hand-eye coordination, patterns, etc., and eventually these lesson plans develop their skills into help with reading, mathematics, learning other languages, and paying attention in school!
  • We are a part of the community!  We donate to lots of area organizations and schools, just look for our name at the next school or charity event you attend. We also bring our exhibition teams to perform at neighborhood events!
  • Your neighbors and friends might already attend Champions, and it might be pretty easy to coordinate a carpool, just read our testimonials.
  • When children enter Champions for gymnastics, tumbling, or cheerleading (or just to have a good time) they leave with much more than an athletic education. They learn to work with confidence, persistence and a positive mental attitude.  Building great athletes but also the whole Champion!  They always leave feeling like Champions!

The Champions Story

Champions was established in December of 1994 by owner, Janet Scott, based on the idea that all children, no matter what skill level, should have an opportunity to excel in gymnastics and cheer without having to give up their childhood to the gym. We celebrate Champions’ birthday January 18th every year, when the first classes were held in the Austin Recreation Center, pulling out equipment every day from a storage closet, and with about 30 kids per week. In 1995 Champions created the first team: Performance Team, titled because of the philosophy that she wanted the teams to do more character building and community-focused performances rather than competitions. Her daughter, Alison Scott, was on this team. They went on the next year to create Tumble Team, started having summer day camps, and about 5 years down the road moved into the West Austin Youth Association, where the Central Austin located still resides.

Today, Alison (Scott) Callaway runs ChampionsTX at Lake Travis and WAYA/Central Austin, and the great coaches work with over 1,000 children weekly, from all over the central Texas area.  Every single one of these kids is important to us, and we want to make sure they receive a great experience!  We have children coming from all over surrounding areas to Champions for our great coaches! Our classes and camps run throughout the year and include everything from gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, parkour, and even acro yoga.

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business. We are so happy that you are able to be a part of our story.  We are currently accepting new students, so now is a great time to contact us!  Look at our schedule to get started, and we will help you find just what you are looking for.


We love getting involved in the community!  Our teams do performances at retirement homes for Valentines Day, we participate in school Track & Field Days, we have neighborhood elementary schools come visit us for Physical Education, we participate in parades and fairs around town, we perform at half time of school games, and more!

Please use the contact form if you would like our gymnastics teams to visit your organization, school, or event to do an active demo or performance or if you would like to request an item or gift certificate for your organizations silent auction.  A few of the causes, events, organizations, and schools we have donated to recently include:

    • Helping Hand Home for Children
    • Austin Stops the Clot!
    • Relay for Life
    • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Founation
    • RED Arena Round-Up
    • Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
    • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
    • Partnerships for Children
    • The Seton Community Health Centers and the Sister Gertrude Levy Endowment for the Poor
    • Hospice Austin
    • Cancer Connection and the Divots to Diamonds Event
    • West Austin Youth Association
    • Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce
    • Bee Cave Hill Country Galleria Springfest
    • Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Blue Santa
    • Lake Travis Green Santa
    • The 100 Club of Central Texas – The First Response for First Responders
    • Good Shepherd Episcopal School
    • All Austin Cooperative Nursery School
    • Covenant Presbyterian Preschool
    • St. Marks Episcopal Day School
    • St. David’s Episcopal Day School
    • St. Matthew’s Day School
    • All Saints Episcopal Day School
    • Tarrytown Children’s Center
    • Westminster Presbyterian Day School
    • Forest Trail Elementary
    • Mathews Elementary School
    • Lake Pointe Elementary PTO
    • Casis Elementary School
    • Austin Montessori School
    • First United Methodist Preschool and the FUMP Family Music Event
    • UT Elementary School
    • Highland Park Elementary School
    • Brentwood Christian School
    • Bridge Point Elementary School
    • Bee Cave Elementary School and the Night Out in Bee Cave!
    • Lakeway Elementary Mustang Derby
    • Lakeway Elementary Pumpkin Palooza
    • Oak Hill Elementary PTA
    • Magellan International School
    • West Cypress Hills Elementary
    • Lee Elementary and the Lee Live! Event
    • Pease Elementary School
    • Lake Travis United Methodist Preschool
    • Lake Travis High School Cheerleading – Gold Sponsor!
    • Lake Travis High School Basketball
    • Laura Bush Elementary
    • River Ridge Elementary

Letter from the ChampionsTX CEO

We are so honored you have chosen ChampionsTX, whether to be part of your preschooler’s education, your athletic education, or your social education, for one hour a month or 40 hours a week, we take the role we play with your family very seriously.

My mother started ChampionsTX in 1994 and I grew up in Champions classes, teams and the LIT program.  I was on the first Performance Teams for gymnastics,  but was also able to focus on friendships, Girl Scouts, kickball, the Casis Elementary newspaper club, and our Math Olympiad club, thanks to the freedom that a non-competitive gymnastics training schedule at Champions allowed.  In Middle School I stopped gymnastics and began to focus on tumbling, cheer and volleyball at O’Henry Middle School.  I played golf for two years in high school and was on our high school news team, while starting back up in competitive cheer and then cheered for Austin High’s varsity cheer squad.  I founded and co-captained the first competitive cheer team at AHS.  I am very appreciative of all the different sports and activities I was able to try during my youth years, largely due to the fact that all of the teams I participated in had a max amount of practice time of 5 hours per week.

The highlight of my summer, besides the sleep away camp I attended for two weeks every Summer for 11 years in the Texas Hill Country, was ChampionsTX Summer Camp.  I was the assistant coach to the youngest group of campers every summer during Middle School, and then Head Coach to the oldest group of campers, Camp Extreme every summer of High School. X-X-X-X!!!!

I began working at ChampionsTX full time in the Fall of 2009 after graduation from Indiana University (major in Communication with minors in Business and Nuerology, along with courses in Language Arts Education and Group Exercise).  While in Indiana during the fall of 2009, I coached the local Middle School drill team.  In 2010 after beginning full time at ChampionsTX, I coached gymnastics classes for all ages, and for the 2011-2012 School Year was Gymnastics Teams Director.  In 2012, we started the first competitive teams at ChampionsTX in both competitive cheerleading and competitive gymnastics.  I began running the back-end business of ChampionsTX, while also continuing work with the teams and training new staff.  In 2013 we began the Lake Travis location, and currently I run both the Central Austin / WAYA location and Lake Travis location, with the help of our Department Leaders.

Keeping up with the industry and ensuring our gym remains state-of-the-art in both training methods and equipment is one of my main priorities.  I have attended the USA Gymnastics Conference in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015.  In 2014, I attended the National Cheerleaders Association Conference.

I work hands on training all staff and substituting in times of need to ensure that all ChampionsTX programs are of highest potential.  I have training in all of the different departments we offer, including preschool education, toddler development, elite gymnastics training, trampoline training, cheerleading, and adult fitness.  Since I am not specialized in any one of our departments, but instead a generalist in all of them, our DLs are each the best in their fields for their program.  If you have not met your Department Leaders yet, introduce yourself, as these are wonderful people who love their jobs and are always willing to make sure you are happy!

I am a 6th generation Austinite, currently living in Bee Cave (Bella Colinas!) with my husband.  I’m gluten-free, love the different businesses around Lake Travis, especially trying out the different gluten-free menus and fun boutiques, and hope that I get a chance to support your business, just like you are supporting ours.

My “office” is always open to hear your feedback, concerns, and requests.  Any questions, big or small, are great questions.  Please feel free to email me at any time at Alison@ChampionsTX.com or call the office to see if I’m around at that moment and stop by!

“Champions aren’t made in gyms.  Champions are made from something deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.  They have to have the skill, and the will.  But the will must be stronger than the skill.”

– Alison Scott Callaway  |  CEO & Business Manager |  instagram.com/ChampionsTX_Alison

Meet Our Staff

Find out a little bit more about all of the people that make Champions the great place that it is: the Coaches and Staff! You can read bios on each of our staff members on the bottom of the department pages that they coach in.  They come to us extremely knowledgeable in their various fields– from gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading, yoga, exercise science, and air sports, competitive and recreational, to computer software and office management, to childcare and education. All of our staff and coaches attend clinics throughout the year and are involved in instructor training to assure that they are up on all the latest teaching ideas, certifications and spotting techniques. More than coaches, they take great pride in being “Roll Models” for your Champions, molding respectful, sweet, encouraging and hard-working individuals. Best of all, they love to teach and they love your champion! We take the bond that kids form with their coach extremely seriously, which is why we have a long hiring process, including many training days where your child might have an extra coach. If someone is not a great fit, they are out before they form bonds, but if they are a great fit, it is our goal that they are lifelong staff members! We always have at least one staff member who is CPR and first-aid certified in the gym, but almost 100% of our staff members carry this certification. We have taken our staff to the Gymnastics Association of Texas Conference since 2000, along with many other smaller conferences, and we take back to the gym all of the best new training techniques, new drills, and teaching practices.

If we haven’t met you yet, please be sure that you introduce yourself. We love to being able to match up all of our wonderful students with their parents. Thank you again for sharing your amazing children with us.

Careers at ChampionsTX

We are always looking for people with great personalities and backgrounds to add to our staff.  All staff receives ongoing training to help them excel in whatever program they are placed with and all staff are encouraged to train for all the departments offered at CTX in order to further their ability to help the team.  ChampionsTX is an incredible team of individuals who have chosen to make their dream job their career. ChampionsTX treats its team as a family, and every employee is given access to rigorous training and great benefits.  Those who succeed in the ChampionsTX staff culture are:  hardworking, driven, and have an innate desire to pitch-in to help the team achieve what is needed; respectful towards superiors, coworkers, families, and children; good communicators and problem solvers; and truly believe in the company mission of creating “all around champions”.

Benefits of Employment at ChampionsTX

  • Lower Teacher to Student ratios than most area programs.
  • Compensation is competitive based on experience, knowledge, and performance.
  • Part time and full time schedule options.  Input into your schedule, and ability to depend on receiving the amount of hours you are given.
  • Paid Time Off for Management Team Members
  • Opportunity to earn more PTO and rewards that matter to you through our company bonus program.
  • Class discounts for your own children. Have your children get a high quality athletic education!
  • Free adult tumbling / workouts for staff
  • Insurance and Benefits opportunities
  • Access to our fully stocked resource room, monthly curriculum enhancements, hundreds of books, art supplies, and so much more! Stop buying your own supplies.
  • Regular Paid Planning Time
  • Direct Deposit
  • Company sponsored after work events throughout the year to make lasting friendships with coworkers
  • Fun work environment!
  • Charitable Events and Community Involvement
  • A management team that has your back
  • Opportunities for advancement within our company
  • Support from our active, family-focused owners who live in the community.
  • Our training program will give you the skills and confidence you need for a job well done.  Ongoing paid training.

Questions?  Jobs@ChampionsTX.com

View Open Positions Apply now!

Alison Scott Callaway

CEO & Business Manager

Alison Scott Callaway is a native Austinite (6th generation!) and lives in Bee Cave with her husband.  Alison’s mother, Janet Scott, started Champions in 1994 and Alison grew up in the gym.   She was fortunate to have a very full upbringing, participating in many gymnastics classes and gymnastics show teams, but is most grateful that her mother believed in a well-rounded childhood and also enrolled her in volleyball, kickball, Girl Scouts / Brownies, and put a lot of emphasis on church, family, and building friendships.   The mission of creating “All Around Champions” was instilled in her at an early age and she believes in it whole hardheartedly.  She was the cheer competition squad captain at Austin High her varisty year, where they took home first place.  In college she held a job coaching a middle school drill team, where she realized that as much as she would try to escape being in the family business, it’s where her true passion and talents lay.  She began working at Champions full time in 2009, became the Teams Director in 2011, started the competitive program shortly after, and started the location in Lake Travis in 2014.

  • Gymnastics Association of Texas Conference Attendee 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017.
  • Attended National Cheer Association Conference in 2014.
  • Infant to Adult CPR, First Aid, and AED Trained
  • Texas Child Care Director Certified
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Certified
  • Child Development Coursework
  • Attends Child Care Education Institute
  • NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Attended 4-Day Overnight Boot Camp for Kids & Sports Facility Business Owners in 2016
  • 2016 Community Judge of the LTHS Talent Show
  • Completed the full system of the Leader in Training program.
  • Bachelors of Arts from Indiana University in Communications; Coursework in Psychology, Child Development; Education; Business Minor
  • Served 1 year on the Undergraduate Student Library Advisory Board
  • Served 1 year as Intellectual Development Chair of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Alpha Mu chapter
  • Served 3 years on Indiana University Union Board Committees
  • 1 Summer experience as Instructional Support for the National Youth Scholars Program
  • 4 years experience as a Camp Counselor at an overnight camp
  • KLRU Filming Austin’s Lives Competition Winner; On-Air Interview Discussing Documentary Piece
  • Austin High School Varsity Cheerleader and Competition Team Captain
  • Austin High School Cheer Social Chair
  • Austin High School Class Senate Member
  • National Honor Society
  • 2 years experience Varsity Golf Team; Academic All-District
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Younglife; Campaigners
  • Alison is an avid reader, particularly of children’s literature, business development, leadership, and home.  Some of her most influential business books include:  Level 5 LeadershipCarrots and Sticks Don’t WorkWhat Successful People Do Before BreakfastGood to GreatThe Power of Positive LeadershipLeading with GritIt’s OK to be the BossScrumThe E-MythWhy Motivating People Doesn’t Work and What DoesBuilt to Last, and The No Complaining Rule


Janet Scott coaching

Janet Scott

Owner, Founder, and Gym Manager – ChampionsTX

Janet is the owner and founder of Champions. She’s a mom, a wife, and an experienced gymnast. She was competitive for 8 years and was even named All American in Gymnastics for two years! She’s coached, was the secretary of the Gymnastics Association of Texas, and she even got her degree in Phys. Education with concentrations in gymnastics and dance at UT. A native Austinite, she was involved in the Jr. League for 8 years and has been actively involved in the Helping Hand Home for 6 years and counting. She loves photography–you will probably see her snapping pictures with her big camera around Champions!

Janet established “Champions Academy” in December of 1994 based on the idea that all children, no matter what skill level, should have an opportunity to excel in gymnastics and cheer without having to give up their childhood to the gym. We celebrate Champions’ birthday January 18th every year, when the first classes were held in the Austin Recreation Center, pulling out equipment every day from a storage closet, and with about 30 kids per week. In 1995 Champions created the first team: Performance Team, titled because of the philosophy that she wanted the teams to do more character building and community-focused performances rather than competitions. Her daughter, Alison Scott, was on this team. They went on the next year to create Tumble Team, started having summer day camps, and about 5 years down the road moved into the West Austin Youth Association, where the Central Austin located still resides.

  • Former Secretary of the Gymnastics Association of Texas
  • Champions Cares Coordinator
  • Infant to Adult CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Gymnastics Safety Certified
  • GAT IP Boys and Girls Certified
  • Member of the Austin Helping Hand Home Committee
  • Bachelors in Elementary Education with specialty in Physical Education from the University of Texas
  • Austin High School graduate – Go Maroons!
  • Captain of the Austin High School Cheer Squad
  • Captain of the Austin High School Gymnastics Team

Zach Yoke

Explorers Preschool, Afterschool, and Camps Department Leader

Zachary is very excited to be joining the team at ChampionsTX. Zachary has been working in the childcare field for almost 5 years ranging in positions from Camp Counselor all the way to Licensed Child Care Director/Camp Director. In his free time, Zachary enjoys being outside and playing sports; he plays tennis, sand volleyball, golf, and almost anything else that allows him to be outside and active. He loves working in this career field because of the impact he is able to have on families and the community everyday and the feeling of pure excitement when a child discovers something for the first time.

  • Attended American Camp Association Conference in Orlando, Florida in 2018
  • Attended GAT Conference in 2017
  • Texas DFPS Child Care Director Certified
  • Day Camp Director Certified
  • Infant to Adult CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Certified
  • Positive Guidance Certified
  • Child Development Coursework
  • STEM Curriculum Coursework
  • Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children Certified
  • Attended Child Care Education Institute
  • Volunteers at the Rouse High School Theatre Program



Dylan Vollmer

Parkour Head Coach – Lake Travis

Dylan grew up wake boarding and teaching himself extreme sports.  He has been called “Superman” on more than one occasion due to his extreme coordination and body awareness.  Dylan joined Champions in January 2013, and he claims it is impossible to go a day without doing at least three flips.  His favorite quote is “Hey Champions!” (kids respond “Champions Rock!”.


Bitty Biehunko

Assistant Department Leader – WAYA

Elizabeth “Bitty” Biehunko grew up doing gymnastics and all star competitive cheerleading in Austin at Champion’s and Cheer West.  She is currently finishing her dual degree in Education and Math.  Fun fact: she’s known for her funky pants and Target addiction.

  • Infant to Adult CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Certified
  • Positive Guidance Certified
  • Child Development Coursework
  • Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children Certified
  • Attends the  Child Care Education Institute



Donovan Marshall

Girls Gymnastics Coach & Boys Gymnastics Head Coach – Lake Travis

  • Attended GAT (Gymnastics Association of Texas) Conference in 2017
  • Infant to Adult CPR & First Aid Certified
  • 4+ Years Experience Coaching Gymnastics
  • Extensive Work with Pre-Team Programs
  • Hands-on Training for Spotting Level 1-8 Gymnastics
  • Former High School Varsity Cheerleader
  • Offers Private Lessons



Brandon Spier

After School Assistant DL – Lake Travis

  • Attended GAT Conference in 2017
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Certified
  • Positive Guidance Certified
  • Child Development Coursework
  • STEM Curriculum Coursework
  • Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children Certified
  • Attended Child Care Education Institute



Brittany Langbecker

Pre-K Teacher  – Lake Travis Location

Brittany is very excited to work at ChampionsTX as the Pre-K Teacher.  She moved to Austin about 3 years ago from South Texas, and is loving it here. Brittany is very passionate about working with children. Coming from a family where she is the oldest of 4 siblings, she has always looked out and cared for them whenever possible. Brittany has 3 years of child care experience. Brittany and her husband do not have any kids of their own, but they have a dog named Axel and she treats all children in her pre-k class like they were her own. On her spare time, you can catch her spending time with family or friends, play with or walking Axel, enjoying the pool, doing d.i.y projects, and much more. Brittany is looking forward to seeing your children begin to build friendships with each other and their creativity, learn new things, and simply enjoying their play.

  • CPR & First Aid Certified, Infant through Adult
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Certified
  • Positive Guidance Certified
  • Child Development Coursework
  • STEM Curriculum Coursework
  • Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children Certified
  • Attended Child Care Education Institute


Melissa Childers

Frogs / 3s Teacher  – Lake Travis Location

Melissa’s love of learning and teaching has led her to work with children for the last 10 years through volunteer work, peer mentoring programs and teaching at the elementary school level. She loves being in a classroom and helping her students learn in a caring and nurturing environment where they feel safe and at home. Melissa was especially interested in working with the Champions team because of the programs ability to educate through multiple mediums. Health and wellness plays a very important role in her life and she believes young children are especially receptive to instruction that challenges them both physically and intellectually. It is her goal to help every student recognize their individual strengths and use them to become lifelong learners, as well as build their thirst for knowledge.

  • SFSU Bachelor of Arts, Economics
  • Certified Texas Educator, Grades EC-6
  • Infant to Adult CPR, AED and First Aid Certified
  • Assistant Teacher- Third Grade (August 2012-June 2013) Trinity Episcopal School
  • Substitute Teacher- K-5 (September 2011- June 2012) School Districts include: Eanes ISD, Lake Travis ISD, Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD
  • Student Teacher- Third grade (March 1-May 27, 2011) Laurel Mountain Elementary, Austin, TX.
  • Student Teacher- Pre K-Kindergarten (January 2009- July 19, 2010) Rosa Parks Elementary, Berkeley CA.
  • Volunteer Work (200+ hours)- Volunteered as Teacher’s Assistant, Rosa Parks Elementary and Franklin School, Berkeley CA., once a week from January 2009- July 2010.



Located in the upstairs of the
West Austin Youth Association
1314 Exposition Blvd
Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 628-1788

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