Leaders in Training

LIT Program Acceptance

Our Leader in Training program has become very popular and we have had to revamp how we run our LIT program. ALL Leaders in training wanting to participate in our program must apply online where they will then be placed on a waitlist then the must attend one of our mandatory training sessions. Our LIT’s that were ranked highly from the year prior will automatically be accepted into the program. After that we select LIT’s based on a few factors such as participation in the LIT training, grade level, if they are a return LIT, etc… If LIT’s have not attended a training session they will not be accepted into our program. Once LIT’s are accepted into one of or all of the weeks they applied for they will be sent an acceptance email with paperwork attached that must be filled out prior to their first camp week. LIT’s that have not submitted their paperwork or have not paid their LIT fee (if applicable) 14 days in advance will be removed from their camp week.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Maria, our Leader in Training program coordinator, at Maria.Sanchez@championstx.com