Parkour – LT




Tiny & Little Champions: $100 / month – 45 Minute class

The first class of Champions discovery! During this recreational class, coaches help the grownups guide their little ones through fun obstacle courses, bars, beam, balance & coordination activities, rhythm, action songs, and of course, the parachute!


PreK Parkour + Ninja Warrior: $100 / month – 45 minute class 

A fast paced, high energy class filled with the basics of vault, obstacle courses, tumbling skills, tumble tracks, air track, Ninja Warrior Course, Parkour, trampoline and games. All working on improving gross motor skills and bi-lateral coordination.


Parkour 1: $115 / month – 55 minute class

Introduces students to the basic skills of parkour, focusing on agility, tumbling, vaulting, and trampoline skills with Ninja Warrior Courses & interactive curcuits enhancing skills.   


Parkour 2: $115 / month – 55 minute class

Students begin more advanced skills and flips, working on combining them into progressively more challenging flows.


Parkour 3 + Advance Obstacles:  $150 / Month – 55 minute class

Once a student has become comfortable with flipping in Level 2. We get in depth with technical free running skills such as back tucks, castaways and side flips. This class prepares students to create smooth, creative, yet difficult lines to the best of their ability and conquer Speed and Ninja Warrior courses with ease. 


 Parkour 4: $150 / Month – 1.5 hour Practice + Street Team: $195 / Month – 1.5 hours Practice, Two days a week

For those students looking to take their skills outside of the gym, this advanced class will give students the chance to show off their skills in various public appearances, and build towards competitions.


Homeschool P.E. : $100 / Month – 55 minute class, Two days a week

Establish consistent and strong friendships with other kids in our area while rotating through a variety of movement. This class will give students the opportunity to enjoy all sections of the gym including: Parkour Free Run Course, Rock Wall, Obstacle Courses and Floor Stations designed to strengthen the full body in a fun way.


Girl Power Hour: $115 per month & 1 Class per week / Ages 5-10 years old
This class is a girls only option that will focus on a rotation of different skills including: Floor skills, bar, beam, Parkour, Ninja Warrior, stretching & Flexibility, Strength Training and a bit of Confidence & Motivation with Positive Talk and Affirmations. 
FLOOR FUNdementals: $115 per month & 1 Class per week / Ages 5-16 years old
As parkour evolves, so do the skills that Ninjas need. This class put a special focus on the floor and flipping skills used in Parkour such as: handstands, cartwheels, round offs, and progressing towards flipping skills! This class can be taken in conjunction with Parkour, or on its own as a great way to increase kids gross motor skills, strength, and body awareness.

Fun Friday: $45 for enrolled Champions & $50 for guests

Parents night out drop off program from 6:00-10:00 with Pizza dinner included! Kids will have an open gym, games, circuits, obstacle courses, trampoline, Parkour and lots more. 4 years old+ (must be potty trained) are welcome to join!


Preschool Open Gym: FREE for enrolled Champions & $10 for Guests

1 hour of open play with access to the entire gym, you will be able to work through trampoline skills, gross motor skills, socializing and our access to our Obstacle Courses & Parkour area. This is a great time to allow kids to play and socialize, while giving the grownup a bit of social time as well! 


Open Gym: FREE for enrolled Champions & $10 for Guests

1 hour of open gym for those looking to get some extra practice in. You will have access to everything including Parkour Warp Walls, Obstacle Warrior Courses, Spring Floor, Bars, Trampoline and plenty of mats to practice any skill, for any level.


Our son loves his parkour class! Coach Kyle is always keeping him active, with new games and activities, and I have really noticed his skills progressing!”