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ChampionsTX is proud to be one of the few gyms is Central Texas to offer a true exhibition team program.

Gymnastics Show Teams are for athletes who love gymnastics, desire more advanced skills and longer workouts, and want to perform in front of audiences, and are willing and able to commit to a team and a schedule that will allow each team to look their very best when they perform and hold team bonds and relationships. These exhibition Show Teams provide girls with opportunity to showcase gymnastics skills in a different, fun, exciting way. Each team is built with age, ability, and friends in mind.  Show Teams are also a fraction of the financial and time commitment of competitive teams.  Aside from Team Parties, goal challenges, and tons of fun theme weeks, at the end of the year, they also all have a Recital & Trophy Celebration! All teams are invitation only, please fill out a team interest form below or email for more information!

Each exhibition team has their own group floor routine that is performed at exhibitions.  These routines are done to music and are choreographed to include tumbling, acrobatic partner work, and gymnastics dance elements.  These routines are fun and exciting to watch!  The number of performances increases with the team level, and are a wonderful way to increase athlete’s confidence and team spirit!  During practices the exhibition teams practice this routine and get to work on all of the events:  floor, vault, bars, and beam.

Hot Shots – Kindergarten-1st Grade –  1 Day / Week

See what Champions Teams are all about! Champions’ Hot Shots Team is a great introduction to our team program. This cute team is for advanced Kindergartners who are ready to show off the gymnastics they have been learning and learn new, more advanced skills. This invite only team is all about the true Champion–good sportsmanship, listening skills, following coach directions, and trying your hardest!

Prep Team – 1st-3rd Grade – 1 Day / Week

Keeping a challenging pace for the intermediate gymnast, this Champions’ team is perfect for those who have improved their gymnastic skill level and are ready to commit to a longer workout, plus all the wonderful extras of belonging to a team! Everyone walks out feeling like a CHAMPION! This special group of gymnasts at ChampionsTX work at an accelerated rate, and do several performances around Austin. Experience all the extras that make being a part of a team so enriching: team spirit, camaraderie, self-esteem, and community outreach in Austin. This is truly an experience to remember for any young gymnast!

Performance Team – 3rd-5th Grade – 2 Days / Week

The Performance Team works with all equipment (bars and beam), and also concentrates on the tumble track, tumbling, mini tramp and spring floor. Fast-paced, exciting routines will be performed for about three events during the year throughout the Austin area, like the Blue Santa Parade, LTHS half time show, school carnivals, and assemblies. WOW! This team works out the most time of all the non-competitive teams, and their progression over the year really shows. The girls each receive a little sister on one of the younger teams that they buddy with throughout the school-year, take part in our banana split club, and get more “older team” fun as they are reaching their skills!

Team Extreme – 6th-8th Grade – 1-2 Days / Week

Team Extreme is our cool team workout for 6th-9th graders! They help choose their uniforms, workout goals, and even help plan their end-of-year team party! Workouts are customized to match the goals they set for themselves in the beginning of the year.  This non-competitive team has all skill levels, breaking into groups for the workout by age, ability, and friends. The friendships formed over a school-year on this team are amazing, and the skills each other encourage to get are amazing!

Joining a Team

At Champions, we have teams for all levels and all ages, Kindergarten through High School.  Show Teams follow the school year calendar, then take the summer as a break to do optional camps and classes.  Our teams are invitation only, but these forms helps us discover who is interested and who to watch out for.  If the coaches think your daughter is ready for a team, we have a few different paths to take depending on the time in the year.

The whole year the coaches keep an eye on the teams and classes while they are coaching to see who they think would do well on a team; meanwhile, we are also collecting Team Interest Forms. While most team kids come from previous teams or classes at Champions, it is not required. After Spring Break, the coaches start compiling our Team Lists through hours and hours of Team Forming Meetings to make sure we have each child on the best team fit.  We start sending out invitations to Gymnastics Show Teams at the very end of May, beginning with returning team kids, then invitations going out to the remaining open spots in June. Once you recieve your invitation, remember to respond promtly so you don’t lose your spot. If you have filled out Team Interest Form below or are currently on a Champions Team and haven’t received your team invitation by the end of June, contact the Teams Director by emailing

What do the Champions coaches look for when picking team members?

  • Must be going into Kindergarten or higher next year.
  • Hardworker
  • A Good Attitude and Good Teammate

 Team Interest Form

Parent's Name (First and Last)
Parent Name
Child's Name (First and Last)
When are you interested in joining a team?
Current Class or Team (if currently enrolled)
Team/Squad of Interest (May add more below in the message section.)
Skills Mastered and/or Working On
Friend Requests
Phone Number
What location are you interested in?

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