Join ChampionsTX Lakeway for Home School P.E.!

This program and curriculum is built in-house by our staff who have a Physical Education degree, and have years of experience in Private and Public School settings. 

We have constructed a well rounded Home School P.E. class structure that will focus on: 

  • Parkour
  • Strength 
  • Coordination
  • Problem Solving through Movement
  • Gross Motor Skills

With a special emphasis on:

  • Socializing
  • Relationship Building
  • Group Play


Drop the kids off for a night jam packed with fun so you can enjoy a night off. If your night out is a date night on the roof top, enjoying time with friends, or just a night on the couch Parent Night Out is the perfect way to make that happen.

ChampionsTX Fun Friday is 4 hour program that includes:

  • Pizza Dinner
  • Parkour & Obstacle Courses
  • Nerf Battle
  • Dance Parties
  • Open Gym Time
  • Group Games
  • and of course, a ton of fun!

    *Pizza Dinner includes Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza. Gluten Free Pizza option is available.


Our newest Preschool program designed to give you the flexibility you need most Monday to Friday. If you are looking to run errands, volunteer, have a “me” day or simply want to introduce your child to a preschool environment without the commitment, this is the program for you!

This program is run by our Explore’s Preschool staff who is fully accredited, and background checked, with years of experience, ensuring your children are only getting the best. 

During their day, kids will work on socialization skills such as sharing, taking turns and cooperation with others as well as:

  • Letters, Numbers, Science & S.T.E.M. 
  • Parkour, Trampoline Skills and Full Body Coordination
  • Lateral Movements 
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Outdoor Time
  • And Group Games!


Looking for a time to practice your skills or try something new? Open Gym is the perfect time to explore our facility with two separate time slots to meet the needs of the whole family!

Monday-Friday at 10am is designed for preschool aged children and their parents can come get in some socialization while working on balance, agility, flexibility, coordination and strength. 

**Wednesday Open Gym is on hold currently. Will resume Spring 2024.


Free for Members!

Girl Power Hour is our only girls only class that will focus on a variety of movement including (and not limited):
-Ninja Warrior Obstacles
-Floor Skills (Fronthand springs, Front Tucks, Bridge Walkovers, etc)
-Trampoline Skills
-Strength Training, Flexibility & Yoga

-Vaulting and some groovy dance routines

Our curriculum will vary week to week so the girls are exposed to new movement, but will be structured enough that they will excel in new skills.

In addition to movement, we are also focusing on:
-Setting Goals & how to get there
-Learning and creating our own affirmations
-Learning how to speak positively about our bodies and others

-Being a team player and motivating our other teammates

This class will continue to stay low-ratio for individual focus 

FLOOR FUDdamentals
As parkour evolves, so do the skills that Ninjas need. This class put a special focus on the floor and flipping skills used in Parkour such as:

-Round offs
-Front Handsprings
-Back Handsprings
-Front Tuck
-Back Tuck

This class can be taken in conjunction with Parkour, or on its own as a great way to increase kids gross motor skills, strength, and body awareness.