At Champions, we love to watch children grow mentally and physically!  Throughout our 28+ years of training kids in gymnastics, parkour and cheer, we have helped a whole generation grow up strong and have even started our second generation of Champions.  As kids of all ages (“Baby Waddlers” through 18 years old) progress through our classes and programs, we see their flexibility, body awareness, confidence, and fitness increase.  We love to give your kids an unfair advantage in life!  Our passion can be easily felt the moment you walk into our gym.   Classes are scheduled for all age groups with your convenience in mind, as we know that it’s only with the support of the parents that our students truly shine.  Our highly-trained, nationally-certified, genuinely caring and well-rounded staff members work to make sure each Champions’ experience is a fun, successful, and rewarding one.


At ChampionsTX, our mission is to create a safe, fun, and nurturing environment where students not only pursue goals and conquer new skills, but build memories, relationships, self-confidence, and develop life skills.

Put more simply, our mission is to build “All Around Champions!” and we have been doing it since 1995!


  • We believe that through great coaches and lots of motivation, getting a great gymnastics, cheer, parkour, or tumbling workout and learning new skills can be really fun, exciting, and rewarding!
  • At Champions, we coach the full child, not just the athlete; we coach and inspire young minds to be better friends, improve, work hard, and perform, even when nervous in front of judges or a crowd.
  • We hold extremely high safety standards that begin with a well kept and equipped training center that offers the latest in equipment that is sized for each level, matting and surfaces that promote safe landing and spotting areas. We have the ability to break down skills and use different teaching aides. We stay up to date on training trends, new inventions in equipment and new techniques to help our athletes move forward.
  • We provide quality instruction to kids of all ages and abilities with our low student to coach ratios. 
  • We offer combo classes so that your kids of different ages, abilities, or genders can attend class at the same time.
  • Champions offers year-round options so that you can join us almost anytime!
  • We encompass strict USA Gymnastics guidelines for safety, professionalism, and coaching standards. We hold CPR and First Aid training for all of our coaches, as well as regular spotting clinics and coaching seminars.
  • Our gym is cleaner than other gyms! We clean and disinfect our gym daily, and more often during high COVID spikes, flu, and cold seasons.
  • At Champions, children learn life skills and lessons, like following through with a team commitment, working hard, being a team player, friendship, following directions and listening skills!  Starting with even our youngest Baby Champions, kids will build in their development for colors, hand-eye coordination, patterns, etc., and eventually these lesson plans develop their skills with reading, mathematics, learning other languages, and paying attention in school!
  • When children enter Champions for gymnastics, parkour, tumbling, or cheerleading (or just to have a good time) they leave with much more than an athletic education. They learn to work with confidence, persistence, and a positive mental attitude.  Building great athletes, but also, the whole Champion!  They always leave feeling like Champions!


We are thrilled to be a partner and nestled inside the jewel of WAYA.  Champions is honored to have been with the West Austins Youth Association’s 40 years of raising children in Austin!


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